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          Component integration with the multi-mission ground station common architecture

          ?Ground Systems

          MDA is a leading provider of Earth observation satellite ground system solutions, helping customers meet the toughest operational requirements through mission-proven image processing and management, and access to the world’s best commercial optical and radar satellites.

          Satellite operators need reliable access to quality image products from their missions to serve high-value customers. MDA’s proven ground system solutions provide high-throughput downlink, processing, and management of ?high-quality imagery products. MDA provides industry-leading processing solutions for optical and SAR missions at every level of cost and sophistication.

          Government and commercial ground station operators around the world need access to commercial satellite imagery received in near-real time (minutes from imaging) to support decision processes in mission-critical environments. MDA meets that need by providing multi-satellite ground stations that enable access to a variety of high-resolution and medium-resolution optical and radar satellites. For satellite operators this means dedicated access to high-volume customers and for EO end users it means the fastest and most secure access to imagery for any application.

          MDA has a deep understanding of the optical and radar remote-sensing satellite data processing and exploitation domain, and over 40 years of experience. MDA’s Ground Systems are based on a set of proven Earth observation components that have been deployed in dozens of ground systems worldwide. MDA Earth Observation systems engineering teams support customers to maximize the value of on-orbit assets and the imagery products delivered to end users.

          MDA is a leading provider of Earth observation satellite ground system solutions

          Mission Headquarters Systems

          MDA delivers Earth Observation Mission Headquarters Systems that enable satellite operators to fully exploit their on-orbit assets.

          MDA has been delivering operational Earth observation ground system solutions for the world’s leading optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite programs for over 45 years. An industry leader, the Company also develops and delivers advanced mission headquarters solutions for commercial satellite constellations, advanced high-resolution optical satellite missions, and SAR satellite programs. MDA’s headquarters solutions include mission engineering support, scalable imagery archive and processing solutions, and full turnkey ground segments. Our approach is to work collaboratively with mission teams to integrate MDA’s high-performance system elements into the mission architecture, providing flexibility for satellite operators to expand and update capability as the mission evolves.

          Recent advances in small satellites, satellite constellations, and imaging payload technologies are driving demand from satellite operators for more capabilities and features in ground segments. MDA's global experience and unique Earth observation domain knowledge facilitates development, delivery, and support for systems that directly address satellite operator needs.

          MDA's Mission Headquarters Systems effectively monitor, plan, and control on-orbit assets and seamlessly receive, archive, process, and exploit acquired imagery data. Our robust, high-throughput solutions enable satellite operators to fully realize the potential of their satellite program.

          MDA is committed to continuously investing in new software and systems technologies, enabling our innovative ground segment architecture to integrate best-of-breed COTS together with MDA’s advanced subsystems. Our investment in advanced imagery planning, processing, and exploitation technologies yields the highest-quality imagery products available. This, coupled with our latest generation of imagery discovery and delivery subsystems allows timely delivery of imagery to end users or business-critical analytics/exploitation systems.

          From mission system engineering, to scalable image archive and processing solutions, to complete turnkey satellite ground segments, MDA is the ideal partner for Earth observation mission ground segments.

          Mission Headquarters
          Mission Headquarters
          Mission Headquarters-Satellites

          Regional Direct Access Systems

          MDA’s integrated Regional Direct Access Systems (RDAS) provide the fastest, most secure access to the world's best optical and radar imagery.

          MDA is the market leader in regional direct access for near real-time satellite imaging, with dozens of operational systems around the world. That success is based on a proven modular multi-mission ground station architecture that enables cost-effective support for world-leading sensors including WorldView?, RADARSAT-2, RapidEye? and more.

          MDA can rapidly integrate and deploy RDAS configurations with high-throughput multi-sensor support and local archive, catalog, and discovery. Optional information extraction and imagery exploitation modules provide end-user support for a range of land and maritime applications. Thanks to turnkey delivery with training for system operators and data end users, imagery is immediately useful for mission-critical activities.

          In partnership with DigitalGlobe?, MDA has developed, built, and delivered DigitalGlobe Direct Access Facilities (DAF) that provide customers with a complete turnkey ground system to enable the best access to the WorldView constellation through direct tasking and downlink, order management, collection planning, cataloguing, and advanced product generation capabilities.

          MDA's experience and customer service support reliable, fast, and secure access to the best satellite imagery available. A modular approach to design and delivery allows system capabilities and supported imagery streams to grow cost-effectively as your mission changes.


          MDA BlueHawk? Headquarters Systems

          MDA BlueHawk? provides an unclassified multi-sensor Maritime Domain Awareness picture to maritime defence and security organizations worldwide.

          MDA BlueHawk? is a multi-satellite, unclassified maritime domain awareness solution that provides broad-area maritime surveillance across Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), open ocean and global areas of interest. MDA BlueHawk? enables maritime security organizations such as navies and coast guards to rapidly detect and respond to threats including illegal trafficking, sovereignty violations, illegal fishing, and bilge dumping at sea. Combining satellite monitoring, maritime databases and powerful data analytics, MDA BlueHawk? provides the critical information and tools to detect, track, and respond to security and environmental threats worldwide.

          MDA BlueHawk? provides broad-area monitoring, with the industry’s largest coverage at more than 250,000 square kilometers per satellite image, delivering valuable information far beyond the reach of coastal and ship-based sensors. At the heart of MDA BlueHawk? is information derived from RADARSAT-2, the most powerful source for global maritime surveillance. This information is fused with additional data sources such as imagery from third-party radar and optical satellites, self-reported vessel information (e.g. AIS, LRIT, VMS), vessel registration databases, vessel photos, historical maritime traffic records, metocean data, watch lists, MOU lists, and customer-provided information to generate a comprehensive maritime picture.

          MDA’s solution includes sophisticated big data analytics that automatically process vast amounts of near real-time and historical maritime data to predict individual vessel behavior and detect and alert users of potential threats. Analytics and alerts are easily configurable to suit operating requirements.

          Delivered as an on?line hosted service, as a customer-owned system, or as a data feed service into an existing end-user system, MDA BlueHawk? offers an implementation model that can be deployed within days and that can provide any maritime organization with increased maritime awareness with lower operational costs.

          BlueHawk screen
          MDA BlueHawk? provides an unclassified multi-sensor Maritime Domain Awareness picture to maritime security organizations worldwide.

          Fusing space-based radar, AIS vessel tracking and other maritime information, MDA BlueHawk monitors vast maritime regions, rapidly detecting potential threats as far from shore as possible.

          GeoCenter Systems

          MDA provides advanced imagery exploitation and dissemination solutions that empower customers to fully exploit their imagery data, and deliver value-added products to meet operational needs.

          GeoCenter is MDA’s web-based, scalable platform and exploitation solution that ?gives users controlled access to a large volume of satellite imagery and geospatial data, allowing them to browse archived imagery products and value-added products from multiple space-based sensors.

          GeoCenter allows users to:
          • Monitor data repositories for new imagery in areas of interest
          • Customize alert notification for new information
          • Download products directly to user desktops
          • Seamlessly integrate value-added applications and analytics developed by MDA or third parties