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          Working at MDA

          Where creativity and innovation flourish.

          At MDA, we believe that our personal and business success is the result of the diverse ideas, experiences, and personalities that our employees bring to work each day. By providing ongoing education, mentoring, flexible work hours, and the opportunity to participate in our community outreach initiatives that include supporting education and other special interest causes, we foster diversity and create a workplace where every employee can realize their full potential. We invite exceptional achievers from every background to bring their unique strengths to our organization.

          MDA regularly assesses its programs to ensure that they remain competitive in the markets where the company operates, and to optimize value to employees and their families.

          Competitive Compensation and Benefits Package

          MDA provides competitive compensation and benefits packages for its employees at its many locations. As a member of the MDA team, you and your qualified dependents are eligible to participate in a benefit plan that ensures a comprehensive level of protection for employees and their families through health care plans, disability income protection, life insurance, and other employee benefits. The Company's retirement plans encourage employees to save for their future with a Company matching contribution in many locations.?

          Employee Share Purchase Plan

          Eligible employees can share in the growth and continued success of MDA through the Employee Share Purchase Plan that enables the purchase of company shares at a discount to fair market value. Rewards programs provide employees and managers with opportunities to recognize and celebrate the individual achievements, challenges, and successes that are the company's foundation.